Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet

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With its 220 km long track, Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is the world´s longest classical ski race. It has a history that dates back to 1884 when the famous Swedish explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld first arranged the competition to prove that the ski explorations during the Swedish Grönland Expedition in 1883 actually were feasible.

It´s hard to imagine what goes through the mind of someone who voluntarily joins 220 kilometers of pain through the harsh Arctic landscape between Jokkmokk and Årrenjarka – it´s Almost Insane! To honor all those mad men and women, we have chosen to create a limited edition label to our pale ale and what would be more natural than to call it ”Almost Insane.”

As with our other beers, we use Swedish ecological malt from Warbro kvarn. The malt comes from Balder, an old barley species that was once considered to be the best barley for beer production. We use it because we think it creates a nice character, but also because we want to highlight unique aspects of an old Swedish beer cultural heritage.

Almost Insane will be available at selected places in Jokkmokk and at the turning point in Årrenjarka during the race.